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What are your favorite platforms and apps?

kurtlrnzkurtlrnz Posts: 1
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What are your favorite platforms and apps?


  • tctdtctd Posts: 2
    LSDJ, and Little Piggy tracker.. Bhajis loops was great too!
  • I use my NDS a lot when I am somewhere that presents challenges to either powering my laptops with dodgy batteries or if I end up somewhere I did not intend to be and sit waiting. CellsDS, Axe, GlitchDS, ToneSynth, Korg DS-10/DS-10+, NitroTracker, RepeaterDS, ProteinDS, Master Stroke, and Electroplankton are my favs overall I'd have to say. I have way too many apps on the cards, and a pile of samples (not enough in RAW format yet).

    The platform has really become useful in showing youth simple music ideas quickly, or letting them discover things for themselves. I had to make a sortable list of all the apps on the main microsd card and the NDS titles I paid for to keep up with them all, and assist youth I work with to find the type of app they like best. Some of the kids LOVE the finger drum apps for some reason. Whenever I go to an event where kids of friends might be around I try to bring the NDS to keep them busy, and/or a small MIDI keyboard/laptops (kept in the car if they start to fight).

    I look forward to trying out some of the PSP apps, since I have a cfw model 1001 and a current firmware 1001. So far I have only bought Rockstar's Beaterator for it, but to be honest, it's a lot better than I expected. I do not have the disposable income for any of the Apple awesome, or other mobile devices at this time. I need to try more of the Java apps I have seen that should work on my Samsung Impression after I unlocked Java security and all that. Saw a post mentioning phones used for that and remembered I had not yet sent the apps I grabbed to try to my phone. Not thinking a full on tracker will work as well for me, but simple sample pads or noise makers could be fun additions to the PSP/NDS/laptop array I use here and there.
  • The majority of my production is done with a 2nd Gen iPod Touch. Beatmaker is probably my favorite but that's probably because I'm just used to the sequencer. Getting into NanoStudio quite a bit also. I think the best part about this is that a high school student can be a different kind of "productive" in the classroom.
  • Loopy HD for ios is stable and lovely.

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