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handmade music abroad, how does it work?

I really admire all the great stuff you have going on with your handmade music series and I would love to create something like this here in Italy (which to my knowledge hasn't been done yet).
How does it work? Are you open to this sort of "cultural franchising"?


  • peterpeter Posts: 468 admin
    Hi Hanzo!
    Absolutely; I'd love to see this happen in Italy -- I don't know if I'd call it cultural franchising as that makes us sound like McDonald's, but yes, I'd love to see this idea spread to Italy!
    I had actually intended to do a sort of "starter kit" for other events, and have been bogged down with the new sites. Open to suggestions. But anything I can do to support that would be great. We've had events in Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada, and around the US so far - the more, the better!

    Adding you as a friend here, too.
  • great!Me calling it "franchising" was of course ironic! I was only hinting at the fact that I would find it interesting to use the name "Handmade Music" since I find it quite appropriate (simple but effective).There's still a long road to go for this to happen... but I'm on it, I'll let you know if I need anything... Right now the plan looks like this, we'll start with some circuit bending workshops see how that goes, then maybe aim at a small DIY workshop (maybe building an APC or a cirgarbox guitar... or whatever). In the meantime I'm trying to do some networking and get the people together...If you put together that starter Kit let me know! It would certainly be very useful!
    Thanks a lot for now!
    And thanks for adding me as a friend!
  • hey guys, we just started one in Australia! We would love to be involved and connected with you guys, artist exchanges?
    shoot us a line, and check out our web
  • @ Peter: Two years have passed but now the time has finally come, where we can host the first embrionic version of what might become a bigger even in the years.
    We're having this little thing inside another music oriented event, where we organize a hacking workshop, a performance and a space where people can record with handmade and circuit bent devices.
    So I just wanted to ask if we can "officially" use the name handmade music for it. I can give you more info if you want.

  • after re-reading the thread I guess I don't have to wait for your permission. So I'll just go ahead (stop me if I got that wrong). I'll post about future developments here.

  • peterpeter Posts: 468 admin

    Absolutely! Well, we are definitely now returning to our original name, MusicMakers. This for us avoided some associations with "handmade" and let us talk about all kinds of design, electronics, code.

    Here's our new site:

    So long as it's clear the link to our event is unofficial, though, you're welcome to use either name. Just take lots of documentation so I can write about it! ;)

  • papernoisepapernoise Posts: 16
    edited October 2012

    Hi thanks for the update, I thought MusicMakers was something new, but yeah I agree on the reasoning behind the name, even though I like the "handmade" in the title.
    The new website looks very good!

    Of course I will clearly communicate that this is a totally unofficial spinoff, btw. you could think about a name for such unofficial editions, you know like TED does with the x. You could call it musicmakersX :D Let me know if you think of something.
    And yeah, we have an official photographer for the event!

    here's a first draft of the poster (which probably will get translated in Italian and German):

    btw. it's funny because about a year ago I started a comic project called Music Makers of the World (though this is just the working title), and I was really hoping to get a contribution from you for it, the project has been on standby for a bit, but I'm working on it again lately. If you want you can check the fb page here: or the ggl+ page here:

  • Uploaded a new version of the flyer. This one is final I think, will keep it in English.
    So as you see the event is quite small, but I have to get the foot in the door (don't think this expression exists in English) first.
    I added your logo, to promote the official event, I hope you like that.

  • I had promised some photos from the event, and here they are:
    and here
    (they're the same photos on both links, the first one has more of them though)

    a video is also on its way (we just need to finish editing.

  • And finally here's a video from the event (which mainly shows the performance part)

  • For those who can't access the photos in the above link here's another one:

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