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Intro to Xth Sense

marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 71 admin
edited September 2012 in Xth Sense: biophysical music

The Xth Sense is a biophysical musical instrument. With it you can produce music with the sound of your muscles. It is free and open source, and it was named the “world’s most innovative new musical instrument” by the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (US, 2012). Its name is spelled ecsth sense (not tenth sense!). But it’s way easier to call it XS.

Thanks for joining us in this journey through open biotechnologies, performing arts and sciences. Feel free to introduce yourself to the group, or simply lurk around or ask questions.

Remember before posting about bugs and problems, you might want to check tutorials and troubleshooting at the Xth Sense website:


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