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Soldering cables to Meeblip Micro board

EloopEloop Posts: 7
edited August 2012 in MeeBlip

Hi Again.

Another question : Is there a good methodology to solder wires to the small holes on the board for the controllers, without accidentally permanently short circuiting the connectors. I did this on a vellemann kit once, and I'm quite afraid to screw up againg.

I'm considering putting a good soldering on the wires on beforehand, and then swiftly patch them to the board. Any guidance from the Gods of Soldering would be nice.




  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    Solder pin headers onto the board. Then you can use plug-in wires (which are easier to swap around if you make a mistake or want to change something).

  • EloopEloop Posts: 7

    Good trick ill do that. Thx

  • Should the pin headers to be soldered just into Wiper in analog and SW in digital?
    So that the 5v and GND in digital and GND in analog would be daisychained?

    Or should there be pinheaders for all the connections?

    And should the pinheader be female strip where you just plug cables or male ones and have connector on the cable?

    Sorry these are really n00b questions, but Micro is the first thing ever i'm building.

  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    Yeah, you can daisychain the +5V and ground connections for the pots. It's up to you whether you want to use male of female connectors. I usually just use what I have on hand.

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