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Blipping on Midi Notes? Even with no volume?

moutonnoirmoutonnoir Posts: 4
edited September 2012 in MeeBlip


First of all: this thing sounds freaking great. i realllly like it. Very great.

So beyond that it also makes a 'ticking' type sound on each midi note... It is even happening with the volume all the way down.

I will soon take it apart and check the soldering, but I want to make sure it isnt 'normal' first... It sounds really bad basically, and i dont think it was there at first, so I am guessing it is not normal?

I can post an audio sample if this is not clear, but to recap: if the MIDI IN on meeblip is getting MIDI, on any channel, it makes a ticking sound. It isnt necisarilly the MIDI CLOCK ticking either, just notes.

At first I thought maybe it was USB ground loop related as I had some USB powered devices in a signal chain feeding back into the USB supplying computer, but removing the USB power sources did not help. This happens even with a midi controller only sending notes in.

Any troubleshooting advice would be great!


  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    Might be bleed from the MIDI input. Is it a Micro of and SE board?

    There are a couple of little mods that can be done to reduce the noise floor.

  • I think it is an SE, because the sticker says SE.

    Can i.... Seperate the MIDI ground maybe? What might be doing this... I just came back to check because... It is clicking away, with the synth through the mixer, but no notes going to it's channel... Other devices on the same chain are not clicking...

    Is there a capacitor or something I should add?

    I realize I should take the question to google at this point maybe... Which i did sort of try, but it was hard to find good advice RE: adding a .01uf cap or maybe trying to add an additional opto-isolator or something in there? make a 'ground lift box' for my MIDI?

    will that even work? A DI box, of sorts, for MIDI?

  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    Well, there are .01 uF caps on the microcontroller and DAC, and the audio circuit supply is already split from the digital components and filtered.

    Can you record a short example of what you're hearing and email it to me at info [at] Probably fastest to do this debugging that way.

  • Thank you - I got rid of the noises.

    It appears it was not the Meeblip, but I do not know what it was. Strange, really.

    Thank you for your help!

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