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Share your Projects!

marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin

Feel free to briefly present here your project using the Xth Sense, and/or discuss stuff you have been working on by replying to this post!


  • marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin
    edited September 2012

    So, to get us started..
    The first ever performance using the Xth Sense.

    • Music for Flesh II

    By yours (UK).
    Interactive music performance for enhanced body:

  • marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin
    edited September 2012
    • Into the Flesh

    By Shiori Usui for the Red Note Ensemble (JP/UK).
    A concert for Xth Sense, Trombone, and double bass.

    • Hypo Chrysos

    By yours truly (UK).
    Action art for vexed body and biophysical media.

  • Hi,
    I'm enrico and I normally do interaction design/computer vision/exotic interfaces work. Last year I became part of an artist collective named Spectre where I started to mix generative multimedia with bio signals; here's some documentation of our "Danse Neurale" performance:

    Right now I'm working on an Arduino based biometric interface (gsr, emg, etc) that would allow me to "patch" body signals like the modules of an old school analog synth; I received my X-th sense kit this summer (thanks Marco :) ) and I plan to integrate it in my interface.

  • sounds great Enrico, the link doesn't work here, although I remember seeing it before.
    Very much looking forward to some results :P

    Do you want to use the Xth Sense for the synth interfacing too, or for something else?

    thanks for sharing!

  • ops, seen your reply only now :)

    yes, I'd like to use the Xth Sense as one of the synth interfaces; I'm still experimenting with the raw signals (adding some mild dsp filtering where needed), but the basic idea is using continuos signals (like GSR) to control filters and LFOs, while thresholded signals (like muscle sounds) should behave like a gate control. in the end I'd like to use living beings as if they were some kind of wetware based CV controller :)

  • Hey Enrico, how your project is going?
    Very curious about it!

  • ArvidArvid Posts: 25
    edited December 2012

    While I'm not actually using Xth Sense anymore, due to some struggles with the software and the need to make it operable by someone oblivious to technology, but the microphone is made using the Xth Sense scheme and the whole project is inspired by it.

  • That's cool Arvid thanks for sharing! How the piece works technically?

  • ArvidArvid Posts: 25

    The mic setup as you've specified, but just on one arm, going into a audio interface, into Ableton. In there are about six effect-chains which I'm mixing live. So all the sounds originate from the dancer, yet she has no control of changing timbres (except for some sounds which are gated for loud impulses). We also did a performance were the mixing in Ableton was automated and I was working on some Max patches to be able to switch sounds on certain cues.
    I'd love to take a deeper look into the actual Xth sense patch and port it for a Ableton/Max4live environment (to have more tonal freedom), but I've got no time for that now. So if anyone has similar plans, I'm game for collaborating!

  • marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin

    sounds cool! Love to see other implementation of the instrument, it's great to have different creative outlets!
    And your contribution can inspire someone else too :)

    As for Max for Live, a porting of the Xth Sense patch from Pd to Max is actually in progress. Resources are limited so it will take some time, but we (me and some generous volunteers coders) are working on it!
    Hope to sort it out soon this year... let's see, you can write me in pv if you wish to join the team :) thanks!

  • response_resonance is a performance with the Xth Sense in May 2013 in Berlin by Annika Haas and Lisa Stertz. Taking concepts of the body by philosophers Bernhard Waldenfels and Jean-Luc Nancy as a starting point, we made the Xth Sense part of a performance to explore the body in its acoustic unfolding and within the resonances of its movements and the sounds being revealed by the Xth Sense!
    for more information and documentation see:

  • marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin

    Thanks for sharing with us Annika! The project looks good! :)

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