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libpd used in Dan Deacon App for crowd interaction

keithkmlkeithkml Posts: 1
edited September 2012 in Mobile Music

Hi, this is Keith Lea, developer of the Dan Deacon app ()

I thought this community might be interested to know that we used libpd in our app. Specifically, the app's built-in musical instrument, which can be used at home as well as at Dan Deacon shows, was implemented by Patrick McMinn using Pd, and integrated into our app using libpd.

We also used pd and libpd extensively during prototyping, as it was much quicker to whip up Pd patches than to write Objective C code. However, for the final product, we did need to use custom Objective C and C++ code due to the complexity of the calibration tone protocol.

BTW, we will be releasing our code as open-source later this fall.


  • Our church is interested in using the Dan Deacon App in our Christmas Eve Services and were wondering how to use the app. We saw it used at Catalyst in Atlanta and thought it was amazing. Any help you could give would be appreciated.

  • I would also be super interested in how this works. In two weeks I am hosting a youth event for 300+ students. Would love to use it for fun

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