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New firmware hack version v3.01

awernerawerner Posts: 32
edited February 2013 in MeeBlip

I just put a new firmware version v3.01 for Meeblip SE V2 and Meeblip Micro in my github repository at
The most interesting features are:

  • Much more of the sound parameters can be controlled via MIDI. The extended MIDI mapping is based on the knobs and sliders of a QX49 keyboard.
  • 48 byte patches to support more midi parameter and switches.
  • More "hidden" knobs and switches controlled thru MIDI.

    • ADSR parameter for VCA- and VCF-envelop generators can be set directly thru MIDI (8 "hidden" knobs).
    • Add switches used in previous versions of meeblip (switch 3 and 4).
    • Master volume control via MIDI. It can also be raised the volume.
  • Noise generator now makes more or less white noise - new algorithm.
  • Ring modulator for metallic sounds.
  • Control mixer balance thru MIDI.
  • Some predefined patches.
  • Patch 1 has a default setting and can not be overwritten.
  • New mapping tables for various parameters.
  • Some code optimizations.

The code was originally built for my version of a virtual analog synthesizers based on the Meeblip hardware. My source code, schematics and a little bit documentation can be found at

Feel free to take a look into my hack and give me your feedback.

Viele Gruesse


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