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silicon case

DudeDude Posts: 15

Hi, anyone know how to make the silicon case for the bio sensor, I have already connected my capacitors, battery holder etc on the matrix board and done most stuff. can i buy the silicon case from anywhere, it would be easier. Many thanks.


  • marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin

    hey, from the Parts list doc available at (Schematic & Tutorial):

    "To build the silicon case make a mould. You can use an empty plastic tube, cut it
    according to the size indicated above, and fill with a lot of silicon, it has to be very
    dense (use common silicon, you can find anywhere). Remember to insert a screw or a
    small wooden cylinder in the middle of the mould, so to shape a hole into the silicon
    case. Then let it dry for 3 or 4 days, open up the plastic, and you'll get your shiny
    silicon case."

    you can try to buy something similar, but making your own in this way proved the best and most appropriate way.
    and let us know if you find anything!

  • DudeDude Posts: 15

    Thanks Marco, the thing is, i have already used the instructions you mentioned and everything is finished except for the silicon. I just dont understand exactly what the mould is, or what type of plastic tube it could be, or even where exactly to put a screw. it sounds a bit daft especially having done all the electronics but i just tottally cant get this bit. maybe something photographic or diagramatic could help. i have also send an email requesting to buy a complete set on the 23rd. i have also been trying to find something similar to a silicon case to buy couldn't get anything. lots of questions, but please help. Thank you.

  • Hey Dude..

    I think something like this should do the trick:

    In your case the master will be a tube (as marco indicated something like screw or wooden cylinder) in the right dimensions...

  • thanks Chris! yes, that's the principle, one can do it in a much easier way.

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