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Strange issue using Send and Receive objects [ios]

alexanderalexander Posts: 7
edited November 2012 in Pd Everywhere

Hey guys, I've got an interesting issue using Send and Receive objects... Once in a while, it seems that a specific Receive object is not receiving the messages sent to it via its corresponding Send object... The issue occurs randomly, and I am quite baffled by it.

A few notes:

  1. The problem only occurs on launch (approximately once every 50 launches)
  2. If the problem occurs, restarting the application fixes the problem
  3. If the patch initially loads properly, the problem does not occur while the app is running
  4. It only happens to one specific send/receive pair (I have many in my patch)
  5. The Receive object is in the Main window, the Send object is a few pd subpatches in
  6. My pd patch is quite large
  7. At some point, the file's 'Date Created' attribute (seen in finder) got set to the beginning of time (corrupted file somehow?)

Has anyone experienced anything like this?



  • pbrinkmannpbrinkmann Posts: 686 ✭✭

    I've never seen this kind of problem. Can you post your code somewhere?

  • alexanderalexander Posts: 7

    Hey Peter, thanks for the quick response (and apologies for my latency). I found this post about a similar send~/receive~ problem in the puredata.hurleur forum:

    obiwannabe says:

    • "If you get odd problems with sends and receives delete them both and replace the send before the receive. The order in which you create them has an effect on how they behave. Usually you never notice this, but sometimes it causes subtle bugs.

      The best way imho is to delete them all and rebuild the patch if you get this happening." It's not a bug, it's relatively undocumented hole into which the unlucky may fall. I have fallen in the same hole many times.:("

    After reading that, I decided to delete the objects and replace them with a direct connection. This was a few days ago, and the problem has yet to occur again. Unfortunately, I can not post the project, but if the problem surfaces again, I'll make sure to save it and try to get a version in your hands.

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