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Can't compile expr~ with XCode 4.5.2 - same project works in XCode 4.4.1

shmimpieshmimpie Posts: 29
edited November 2012 in Pd Everywhere

Hi all,

The issue I'm encountering was previously discussed and solved in this thread:

But that solution isn't working anymore.

To reiterate:

  • If you add expr to a libpd project (I'm using Peter Brinkman's Guitar Tuner project from his book as a simple test case) and try to compile it, you'll get errors complaining about the 'finite' and 'drem' methods not being included in the target architecture.
  • The solution was to add a simple C file that overrides these function calls. The following works in XCode 4.4.1, but not 4.5.2:


    int finite(double x){return isfinite(x);}
    double drem (double x, double y){return remainder(x, y);}

XCode complains about drem and finite as if the fix were not applied.

Anyone have any theories as to why?


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