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Xth sense / PureData extended / Max/MSP 6

SerenwenSerenwen Posts: 8

Hey guys,
I'm doing a project for uni using the Xth sense, PD extended and Max/MSP. I'm using a laptop with OS X 10.7.5.
At a first time I had a couple of problems with the Xth sense software and PD: I was following Marco guide "get started"
(Unzip the file "" | Move the whole folder "xth-sense-lib" into /home/username/Library/Pd/ .
Unzip the "" | Move the folders "iemguts" e "soundhack" in /home/username/Library/Pd/ .) but I was not able to find the /home/username/Library/Pd/ folder, so I moved all the libraries files into the Xth sense lib folder. Now the Xth software seems ok. Still I have some problem with my sound card and PD but I hope to solve it out soon. Next step is to connect PD to Max/MSP 6 to create sounds..
I'm gonna update this discussion as soon as I get results/troubles




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