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Setting up externals (specifically expr) with Eclipse/Android

kapsykapsy Posts: 30
edited November 2012 in Pd Everywhere

Hi everyone,

I know this questions been asked a million times but I spent the the whole day on it and still can't figure it out. I'm new to Android development and am more a music person than a programmer.

If anyone could offer a step by step description (aimed at a beginner) as to how to get externals (or specifically expr) working with Android (I'm using Eclipse on Windows), I would greatly appreciate it. I literally don't know where to start - the most detailed help on the issue I can find is here:

Which really doesn't give me much to work with.

So far I'm able to get a sine wave patch working, making sound, and can send/receive messages via the devices screen, but I can't use any plugins that use the expr/expr~ message (phaser and an auto panner) - whenever I do I just get dead silence. I've had a good look at the Scene Player sample project but I still can't figure out exactly what it's doing to make externals work.

Many thanks,



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