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Can you send MP3 files to an array in Pure Data?

FangaasFangaas Posts: 2
edited November 2012 in pd

Hi there, I am currently working on a DJing app for Android as my final year computer science project.
I have decided to use Pure-Data and use it in Android via lib-pd, which does seem to be working really quite well at the moment. One thing I haven't yet found out however, is whether or not you can send an MP3 file to an array or if there are any MP3 controls in Pure-Data I don't know about. I have heard of mp3play~ but ideally I want to load my sound files to an array for manipulation etc.
As pure-data can load Wavs to arrays easily, I could convert the mp3s to wavs for playback using a background process but it isn't ideal.
Any chance anyone has any help for me here?
Many thanks

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