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What kind of signals/data do you get from your XS sensor?

dtrdtr Posts: 5

Hi list,

Just assembled my kit and starting to explore. I'm curious as to how people interpret the signal from the sensor. What I can see right now is:
- signal as audio feed
- signal as continuous control of synthesis parameter(s)
- signal triggers event(s) when threshold reached

What else could be done?

Greetz dtr


  • hey dtr, great to have you on board!

    Those you listed are the most common applications.

    I've seen ppl plugging the XS sensors directly into hardware pedal effects with interesting and unexpected results.

    Software wise, I'm now working on Machine Learning with MMG (muscle sounds). That is, using the features extracted by the XS, to feed a learning algorithm. This way the software can recognise global muscle state, and specific gestures.

    With friend and researcher William Brent we started working on timbre analysis of muscle sounds, and we were able to detect some very detailed features of the MMG spectrum... looks quite promising.

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