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Add MIDI out to the libpd Obj-C API

tabolstadtabolstad Posts: 5
edited December 2012 in Pd Everywhere

I'd love to see MIDI out added to the libpd Obj-C API.


  • reakinatorreakinator Posts: 301

    There has been some talk about adding CoreMidi support, just takes someone with the time / motivation to champion the task. I personally have my hands tied at the moment in other things..

  • pbrinkmannpbrinkmann Posts: 686 ✭✭

    What reakinator said --- no time to work on this, but it's definitely on the radar. I'll be happy to review a patch. If you decide to implement this, though, make sure to read this thread on background polling:

    It touches upon design issues that we left unresolved at the time but that I expect will need to be sorted out before we can tackle CoreMidi support. Before you sink any significant amount of time into this, let's make sure that we agree on the proper design.

  • pbrinkmannpbrinkmann Posts: 686 ✭✭

    Quick update: The Objective-C bindings of libpd now include support for receiving MIDI messages from Pd. No CoreMidi support yet, but that may change in the future.

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