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When running libpd + "a program" , where the sound is being created?

SpiroZSpiroZ Posts: 16
edited December 2012 in Pd Everywhere

Ex: In my case I run libpd in processing (needs Jack too for the connection). The final sound is being produced by JavaSound (processing part) or lidpd uses pure data's sound API..?\


  • pbrinkmannpbrinkmann Posts: 686 ✭✭

    The Processing branch of libpd uses neither JavaSound nor the drivers that come with Pd. The old version of pdp5 uses JACK natively; the new one uses PortAudio. Your life will probably be easier if you update your installation and use the latest version.

  • SpiroZSpiroZ Posts: 16

    Yes man, i know your right. Just me being stupid. But i needed that information about my documentation on what i do.
    thanx a lot, again..

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