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iPad cpu limitations libpd

nisiosnisios Posts: 2
edited December 2012 in Pd Everywhere


This is my first post here, so i want to thank evrybody for making such a great community. Thanks!!! Im a sound engineer making a libpd app for my final graduation project with the help of a friend of mine who is experienced in ios development.

I've been using pd for a long time in my college (very nice thing indeed i had so many pd and max related classes!) and i thought it would be very nice to develop a consumer application as soon as i knew libpd existed.

We are trying to make a polyphonic synth for ipad but are getting in some trouble.

We maneged to make the synth work but only with 2 voices instead of the planned 8. When we add all the voices the synth compiles and the app loads but we get no sound out of it. The strange thing is that when we run the app in profiler mode it runs smooth with all the 8 voices (although the cpu usage is approximately 70%)

I strimelined the code to make it a lot more cpu friendly (table lookup oscilators instead of bandlimited ones) but the result is exactely the same.

Does anyone has any experience with this?




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