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PdDroidParty problems

MikeSperoneMikeSperone Posts: 16
edited December 2012 in Pd Everywhere

Hi everyone,

I can run all the example patches in PdDroidParty on my phone... but anything that I make from scratch will not run. I get a blank white screen. This is EXTREMELY frustrating as I am being so careful by following the examples of how they are used in the patches provided. I am not understanding what is wrong. I just made a grid of menu bangs by: 1. creating a new object 2. typing "menubang CM" (for example) 3. repeating, each with a different name "menubang DM" "menubang gm" etc... and to test it (to check it was working before I got more involved in this patch), I loaded it into droidparty and got nothing - a blank white screen.

I had the same problem when I tried it earlier with sliders instead of menubang. I gave up on that and decided to try this instead. This is extremely frustrating as everything I read and find about this says droid party takes this object and displays it on the android device screen and this is not what is happening... does anyone have any idea as to what might be going wrong? Some common mistakes? Or more detailed documentation online? Even another forum where I could ask or find someone else who experienced the same thing?



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