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MeeBlip Micro soldering problems

FreeksFreeks Posts: 5
edited January 2013 in MeeBlip

Hello, I managed to solder all chip sockets (except atmel) wrong way. instructions state clearly:" Install chip sockets, matching the notches to outlines on the silkscreen." But i missed the "notches" part. Now all are soldered notch wrong way. Can these still be used by attaching chips correct way or do i need to de-solder everything?

I first messed Atmel chip socket by soldering two points before i noticed that one leg was bent out of the hole. So i de-soldered the socket by just warming the joints and pulling it away. I got it away, but both holes are now filled with solder. I have de-solder pump somewhere but just cannot find it now.

I had soldered all components earlier and left the "easy" solders for evening as i thought there is nothing left to damage :D

Damn, i waited to get this in to testing today, but now have to wait until i get this sorted out.

Thank you!


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