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MeeBlip Micro soldering problems

FreeksFreeks Posts: 5
edited January 2013 in MeeBlip

I managed to solder all chip sockets (except atmel) wrong way.
instructions state clearly:" Install chip sockets, matching the notches to outlines on the silkscreen."
But i missed the "notches" part. Now all are soldered notch wrong way. Can these still be used by attaching chips correct way or do i need to de-solder everything?

I first messed Atmel chip socket by soldering two points before i noticed that one leg was bent out of the hole. So i de-soldered the socket by just warming the joints and pulling it away. I got it away, but both holes are now filled with solder. I have de-solder pump somewhere but just cannot find it now.

I had soldered all components earlier and left the "easy" solders for evening as i thought there is nothing left to damage :D

Damn, i waited to get this in to testing today, but now have to wait until i get this sorted out.

Thank you!


  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    It doesn't matter if the chip sockets are soldered the wrong way around. Just insert the chips correctly.

  • FreeksFreeks Posts: 5

    I managed to install everything, but it does not work. The led lights up, but does not flash when i send midi in. I have checked all connections and no component gets hot while on. How should i try to debug it?

  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin
    edited January 2013

    If the LED lights, it means the microcontroller is running the Meeblip code. Congrats on getting half way there. Double check that your MIDI keyboard is transmitting on channel 1 as a first step. It's worth verifying that diode D1 is installed with the black stripe on the right side, too. If it's backwards, no data will reach the chip.

  • FreeksFreeks Posts: 5

    Diode was installed correctly so i took all IC's out and re-installed and now i get sound!

    Problem is that it sounds like this:

    A lot of noise and clicks. I used same cable/connection that i use with my Monotron so it can't be from that. Any ideas?

  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    That file plays back as silence for me.

  • FreeksFreeks Posts: 5

    So it seems :(
    Tried to record new file of noise, but i double checked that the audio connection has no problems and when i re-connected audio cable i lost midi connection. I rebooted it few times and unplugged/replugged connections, but nothing helps. No more midi in. The sound that came out was pithcless noise that could be triggered with midi. When turning volume really high i could here some pitched sound in behind.

  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    At a guess, a lot of noise might indicate a cold solder joint somewhere in the analog section. It might be worth reflowing the solder for the AD7302 DAC, the MCP6002 op-amp and the various resistors and capacitors near them.

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