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link for LIBPD for xcode 3.1.4?

bowenbowen Posts: 1
edited January 2013 in Pd Everywhere

My Intel macbook didn't work any better for having wine spilt on it, so I'm currently using an old g4 which limits me to Xcode 3.1.4.

Is there still a version of libpd I can install? I've had a sniff around github but nothing jumps out from the labels on commits.

All the best.



  • pbrinkmannpbrinkmann Posts: 686 ✭✭

    We did a pretty comprehensive overhaul of Pd for iOS in late 2011, and we were already on Xcode 4.x at the time. I wouldn't recommend using anything older than that revision, and so I'm afraid that you're out of luck.

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