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best way to handle multiple instances of same patch in libPd?

choonschoons Posts: 52
edited January 2013 in Pd Everywhere

Hi guys, I'm working on a multi-track music app where I have created several sample-based instruments as Pd patches. I'd like it to be possible for the user to load more than one instance of an instrument. For instance, they might want to have a lead part track and a rhythm part track both played by the acoustic guitar instrument. I've tried interlacing the parts to play on a single instance, but my instruments are designed with 4 to 8 voices which can quickly become swamped by such an approach.

I use a lot of send/receive messages between Java and Pd. I am aware of Pd's namespace issues but do not understand the $0 stuff mentioned in this thread

So if I have a [r guitar_notes] object in my patch, and I've got two or more instances of the patch loaded, is there a best way in libPd to direct messages sent from Java to the intended instance?


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