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Having problems recording from an Android sound input using libpd

free1000free1000 Posts: 10
edited January 2013 in Pd Everywhere

I'm just setting out with libpd and was very excited to find out about it as I'm currently working on an app that would be improved with some audio filtering and effects.

As a first exercise I simply want to record a sample from the microphone, save it to a file, then load and play that file using PD. Later we'll add effects.

However my initial attempts are not successful. Reading a file and playing it is working nicely on Android, but recording from the mike and writing it to the flash memory/disc is not working on Android, though the patch works fine on Mac OSX.

I was somewhat naively thinking that all I'd need to do is to create a writesf~ object and have it consume the adc~ output, setting the output filename and triggering the start and stop messages.

I can't tell what is going wrong on the devices, and the emulator isn't much use because it doesn't have a microphone.

I'm wondering if I need to insert some kind of buffering in the patch, ie: write to a buffer from the adc output, then read from the buffer into the writesf input?

My source is linked here for the Android Activity which uses libpd

And the patch is here


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