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problem running sample iOS apps

wshen30wshen30 Posts: 2
edited January 2013 in Pd Everywhere

I'm new to libpd. I downloaded the pd-for-ios and installed as required. Then opened up a sample xcode project in the folder, and successfully compiled the project.

Then When I try to run the app on either my iPad or on Simulators, it won't run. Each time I hit the "play" button in my xcode, it just says "build succeed" and then nothing happens.

I have tried the DispatcherSample project and WaveTable project, and the same thing happens. Just to verify, I opened up another non-libpd ios app project and it can compile and run on either simulator or my iPad.

Where might have gone wrong? IOS v6.0.1, Xcode V4.5, Mac OS 10.7.5




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