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mod my xth sense

chrs_taudtchrs_taudt Posts: 9

Hey folks.

As I started to play around with the xth sense, I figured that I d like to make the device a bit handier. Thats why I d like to introduce a small mod which leaves out the case for the circuit and integrates all in/at the microphone.

I give a detailed description over in my blog:

cheers chris


  • marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin

    that's lovely!! thanks for sharing Chris.

    Only one thing, I see from a picture that the mic is almost out of the silicon case. Remember that it's crucial that the mic is at middle height of the silicon case. If it's too high it will touch the skin and make noise, if it's too low the muscle sound will be very quiet.

    this is also specified in the tutorial...

    so cool you're hacking around it! will promote your page through the XS network!

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