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Getting Started

phoneticsoundphoneticsound Posts: 1
edited January 2013 in MeeBlip

Hey, Just got an earlier Meeblip - Full case, black, orange, but White "MEEBLIP", so I think it's the version before SE??

it's almost overwhelming looking at all the knowledge info, and wondering:

  1. How do I find MIDI implements for MY version, and what IS my firmware version???

  2. How do I get a new firmware, and can I backup the old firmware?

  3. How do I order a new overlay to match new firmware?

  4. Can I manage firmware versions, is there a database of different "firmware models" from diff. hackers?

  5. Exactly HOW cool are Peter & James for putting this whole unit together???

Maybe this will start a "Start Here" thread for N00Bs like me??? (PS - making music with synths for years, but this box is cool!)

Jeff / phoneticsound


  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin
    1. It's the original 1.0X version with that colour scheme.
    2. I can send you a replacement chip for $10, or you can update the firmware if you have an AVR programmer
    3. There are about a dozen overlays left, $15 each (the silver SE design without save/load/midi buttons)
    4. There are several versions of Meeblip on github with different features
  • meeblipmeeblip Posts: 558 admin

    Oh, and the V1 synth didn't have MIDI control of the various knob parameters. That came later.

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