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info about puredataP5 windows version

huskhusk Posts: 8
edited January 2013 in Pd Everywhere

I'm currently using puredataP5 for processing on linux ubuntu and it's works nice. I'd need to export my application for windows too. So any plan to release a working library for windows? how can I help on that?
thanks in advance


  • pbrinkmannpbrinkmann Posts: 686 ✭✭

    Check out the portaudio branch of libpd and see whether you can get "make javalib" to work on Windows. Once that succeeds, you just need to copy the binary over to the appropriate directory in your Processing library. Good luck!

  • huskhusk Posts: 8

    Hey, thanks for reply!
    I'm trying to compile it (never done it on windows, but gnu tools make fell you at home) and after solve a problem with portaudio librariy (I had chaged -lportaudio option to -Lportaudio to find the library) now I'm stuck with error I paste below. Thanks in advance to who can help me with this.

    admin@admin-PC /c/libpd-portaudio

    $ make javalib
    mkdir -p java-build/org/puredata/core/natives/windows/mingw32/
    gcc -o java-build/org/puredata/core/natives/windows/mingw32//pdnative.dll pure-d
    ata/src/d_arithmetic.o pure-data/src/d_array.o pure-data/src/d_ctl.o pure-data/s
    rc/d_dac.o pure-data/src/d_delay.o pure-data/src/d_fft.o pure-data/src/d_fft_may
    er.o pure-data/src/d_fftroutine.o pure-data/src/d_filter.o pure-data/src/d_globa
    l.o pure-data/src/d_math.o pure-data/src/d_misc.o pure-data/src/d_osc.o pure-dat
    a/src/d_resample.o pure-data/src/d_soundfile.o pure-data/src/d_ugen.o pure-data/
    src/g_all_guis.o pure-data/src/g_array.o pure-data/src/g_bang.o pure-data/src/g_
    canvas.o pure-data/src/g_editor.o pure-data/src/g_graph.o pure-data/src/g_guicon
    nect.o pure-data/src/g_hdial.o pure-data/src/g_hslider.o pure-data/src/g_io.o pu
    re-data/src/g_mycanvas.o pure-data/src/g_numbox.o pure-data/src/g_readwrite.o pu
    re-data/src/g_rtext.o pure-data/src/g_scalar.o pure-data/src/g_template.o pure-d
    ata/src/g_text.o pure-data/src/g_toggle.o pure-data/src/g_traversal.o pure-data/
    src/g_vdial.o pure-data/src/g_vslider.o pure-data/src/g_vumeter.o pure-data/src/
    m_atom.o pure-data/src/m_binbuf.o pure-data/src/m_class.o pure-data/src/m_conf.o
    pure-data/src/m_glob.o pure-data/src/m_memory.o pure-data/src/m_obj.o pure-data
    /src/m_pd.o pure-data/src/m_sched.o pure-data/src/s_audio.o pure-data/src/s_audi
    o_dummy.o pure-data/src/s_file.o pure-data/src/s_inter.o pure-data/src/s_loader.
    o pure-data/src/s_main.o pure-data/src/s_path.o pure-data/src/s_print.o pure-dat
    a/src/s_utf8.o pure-data/src/x_acoustics.o pure-data/src/x_arithmetic.o pure-dat
    a/src/x_connective.o pure-data/src/x_gui.o pure-data/src/x_interface.o pure-data
    /src/x_list.o pure-data/src/x_midi.o pure-data/src/x_misc.o pure-data/src/x_net.
    o pure-data/src/x_qlist.o pure-data/src/x_time.o libpd_wrapper/s_libpdmidi.o lib
    pd_wrapper/x_libpdreceive.o libpd_wrapper/z_libpd.o libpd_wrapper/ringbuffer.o l
    ibpd_wrapper/z_queued.o jni/z_jni_pa.o -lm -lpthread -Lportaudio -shared -lws2_3
    2 -lkernel32 -Wl,--kill-at
    libpd_wrapper/ringbuffer.o:ringbuffer.c:(.text+0x141): undefined reference to

    libpd_wrapper/ringbuffer.o:ringbuffer.c:(.text+0x1ce): undefined reference to
    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1bb8): undefined reference to `Pa_StopStream'

    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1bc5): undefined reference to

    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1bde): undefined reference to
    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1c51): undefined reference to `Pa_Initialize'

    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1c99): undefined reference to

    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1ca2): undefined reference to
    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1cd2): undefined reference to
    jni/z_jni_pa.o:z_jni_pa.c:(.text+0x1d06): undefined reference to

    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [java-build/org/puredata/core/natives/windows/mingw32//pdnative.dll] E
    rror 1

  • pbrinkmannpbrinkmann Posts: 686 ✭✭

    It looks like your gcc doesn't know atomics, e.g., _sync_val_compare_and_swap. Those are pretty crucial for getting the lock-free ring buffer to work, so you need to investigate gcc atomics for Windows.

  • huskhusk Posts: 8

    According to this page seems minGW (32 bit) doesn't have support for atomics yet

    Should be possible to build it by using visual studio (sorry but I don't know window ecosystem)?
    If not I can just wait minGW add support for atomics and meanwhile change strategy (like using OSC).
    thanks for support

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