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Log()'ing metro weirdness

kapsykapsy Posts: 30
edited January 2013 in Pd Everywhere

Ok, thanks to luong, in the cyclone counter external is now working for me, triggered by a 1000ms metro, giving: (the bang is direct from metro and the float is from counter)

01-29 12:00:53.265: D/POST(4049): float: 1.0

01-29 12:00:53.265: D/POST(4049): bang

01-29 12:00:54.234: D/POST(4049): float: 2.0

01-29 12:00:54.234: D/POST(4049): bang

01-29 12:00:55.269: D/POST(4049): float: 3.0

All normal. That's after a fresh install from Eclipse. Weird thing is, when I stop the app, and run it again from the apps menu in the device, I get:

01-29 12:11:25.400: D/POST(29856): float: 4.0

01-29 12:11:25.400: D/POST(29856): bang

01-29 12:11:25.660: D/POST(29856): float: 3.0

01-29 12:11:25.660: D/POST(29856): bang

01-29 12:11:26.370: D/POST(29856): float: 5.0

01-29 12:11:26.370: D/POST(29856): bang

01-29 12:11:26.710: D/POST(29856): float: 4.0

01-29 12:11:26.710: D/POST(29856): bang

01-29 12:11:27.410: D/POST(29856): float: 1.0

01-29 12:11:27.410: D/POST(29856): bang

01-29 12:11:27.650: D/POST(29856): float: 5.0

And the Log entries come roughly every half second, as opposed to 1 sec before. It's like there are now two of the same process running. If I run it a third time I get 3 updates a second and so on. Get this on both devices I test on.

As both bangs and floats are coming almost certain it's not counters fault. Has anyone else had similar problems? Tried PdAudio.release(); PdBase.closeAudio(); PdBase.clearSearchPath(); on exit with no change. Also tried PdBase.unsubscribe() when starting but no change. Problem appears to be with the reciever, because the sound outputs just fine - it is not doubling up.

Git is here if anyone feels like having a look!

Update: Tested with a patch without counter and still getting the same issue - def not counters fault.


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