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Pd-extended 0.43.4 released!

hanshans Posts: 112
edited January 2013 in Pd Everywhere

Its time to announce the next big Pd-extended release, 0.43.4! This release has the most new features of any release before, so many annoyances are gone, many new tools help you patch, and. There will be more updates to cover some of the new features here, in the form of news items on, blog posts, screencasts and more.

Download here for all platforms (Debian, Mac OS X, Mint, Raspbian, Ubuntu, Windows, and of course the source code):

For Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/etc., you can add an apt source by following the instructions at the top of the page here:


Here you can get a good overview in what has changed, so you know where to find out more.

changes since 0.43.1

  • search-plugin included by default
  • improved audio performance on Mac and Windows, Mac now uses half the
    CPU when idle (portaudio update)
  • (Windows) full unicode support
  • support full unicode MIDI device names (portmidi)
  • many completed translations
  • many bugfixes

changes since 0.42.5

== changes to the editor ==

  • GUI Plugins! can customize a wide array of features of the editor
  • Autotips in Edit Mode to get information about inlets, outlets, and objects
  • Magic Glass to snoop on messages as they pass thru connections
  • Search everything! Thanks to Jonathan Wilkes' search plugin, now included
    by default
  • full Unicode support throughout Pd (there are still some layout issues
    with right-to-left alphabets and character-based languages)
  • fully localizable GUI, with full translations for French, German, Japanese,
    Italian, and Greek
  • full interface translations with limited search translation for Catalan,
    Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, German, Hungarian, Korean,
    Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico)
  • partial translations for: Russian, Turkish
  • contribute to translations:
  • paths are no longer saved in the preferences. Use the [path] or
    [declare -path] objects, or use the standard global install locations
  • complete Tcl/Tk 8.5 support and integration
  • drastically improved Pd window logging/print performance (1000 lines/sec
    and you can still patch)
  • Ctrl-click/Cmd-click error messages in Pd window to find the object with
    the error
  • five log levels and dynamic filtering of Pd window log ('fatal, error,
    normal, debug, all')
  • library loading printed to Pd window at level 'debug' so the Pd window
    is blank when Pd-extended starts
  • hierarchical display of open subpatches/abstractions in Window menu:
  • generate complete Pd window log using 'File->Save As..' when on the
    Pd window
  • 'File->New' creates the new patch in the folder of the current patch
  • 'File->Print' now prints the entire canvas rather than just the visible
    part (thanks Trevor Fancher)
  • 'File->Save As...', 'Edit->Copy', and 'Edit->Select All' now work on
    the Pd window
  • Ctrl/Cmd < and > cycle through open windows
  • added Autopatch, Autotips, and Perf Mode control on the Edit menu
  • improved handling of multiple monitors
  • (GNU/Linux) realtime mode enabled by default (-rt)
  • (GNU/Linux) window placement logic can be handled in plugin for better
    support of many Window Managers (pdtk_canvas_place_window)
  • (GNU/Linux and Mac OS X) [comport] no longer crashes Pd when open
    USB-serial devices are unplugged
  • (GNU/Linux and Windows) !TkDND drag-n-drop support for dropping files
    onto Pd and patch windows
  • (GNU/Linux and Windows) added Alt shortcuts to menus
  • (GNU/Linux and Windows) Navigate menus with arrow keys
  • (GNU/Linux and Windows) Pd window and patchses now have a Pd icon
    when Alt-Tabbing
  • (Windows) zip-only distro with pd-extended.bat to run without installing

== updates to the core ==

  • updated to latest stable portaudio v19-20110326
  • free methods always called on quit, so cameras, network sockets, etc.
    are properly freed
  • GUI objects no longer send pointless draw updates, reducing GUI load
  • (Windows) external libraries can now include DLLs in a library folder
  • [loadbang] has a convenience inlet
  • sys_open() / sys_close() and sys_fopen() / sys_fclose() functions in
    m_pd.h for full UTF-8 support in externals that use files

== updates to libraries and objects ==

  • added all lowercase aliases to cyclone for Max/MSP >= 4.6 compatibility
  • fix type-punned pointer issues in most externals so everything is built
    using auto-vectorization optimization on all platforms
  • [sys_gui] now outputs a bang when the command completes
  • [canvas_name] can query based on inlet, using float as depth and symbol
    for canvas name
  • [tabplay~] can play up to 13.5 hour long tables accurately (up from 6 mins)
  • (Windows) fixed 'unauthorized' GUI objects [playlist], [cooled~], etc.

== newly included libraries ==

  • 'pdlua' for loading objects written in Lua like regular objects
  • 'tclpd' for loading objects written in Tcl like regular objects
  • 'log' library for logging to the Pd window at different levels
  • 'iemguts' library for controlling abstractions and patches from Pd
  • 'mediasettings' library for controlling the Audio/MIDI device preferences
  • 'pduino' library for controlling Arduino boards via the Firmata protocol
  • 'syslog' added IEM's object for logging to syslog (GNU/Linux and Mac OS X)

== removed libraries ==

  • remove unsupported, unmaintained libraries: controctopus,
    Externals-HOWTO, flashserver, flatspace, flib, gyre, keyboardkeys,
    memento, memento-p, nqpoly4, nqpoly~, nusmuk, pixeltango,
    puremeasurement, rradical, toxy
    see: [
  • pidip removed because of license conflicts

For more details, check the complete changelog, see the bottom of
the release page:

More Details

  • the Mac OS X PowerPC builds are a bit out of date because the
    PowerPC build machine died at the end of December. We're trying
    to get it back up so we can have up-to-date Mac OS X PowerPC builds!

  • the Raspbian build is barely tested, please try it and report back
    so we can improve things on Raspbian.


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