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Xth Sense + Arduino + RaspberryPi

marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin
This discussion was created from comments split from: Intro to Xth Sense.


  • Hi Marco - I'm just diving into the realm of interactive performance. I've been mainly looking at Arduino -based sensors for connecting to MIDI synths/sound modules for output. I'm fascinated by XS, really cool and I'm planning to buy the parts necessary to make my own sensors.

    Wondering if there's any way to use the sensors with Arduino, or if there's a general hardware spec that would show me what the signal outputs are so that I can use them in my own code. Otherwise, I was thinking about trying to run it all on a Raspberry PI. I'm trying to avoid the cables, and both Arduino and Raspberry allow me to make the computer wearable and use wireless to convey the MIDI signals. That's the theory anyhow.

    I'm in San Francisco if there's anyone here in the Bay Area that wants to connect and hack this stuff.

  • marco_donnarummamarco_donnarumma Posts: 72 admin

    hey nonuniform, sorry about the delay, but your original post was in the wrong place, and I missed it.

    yours is a really interesting question.
    you can easily send the output of the Xth Sense into an analog in of the Arduino, this way you'll get the data, but you'll loose the sound. Unless you do some specific hack to use sound directly with Arduino. I never done it myself, so it would be great to see how it works!

    As for the RaspberryPi, that's another cool thing on my todo list. I'm going to a conference where we'll work with ppl from Stanford on the RPi, so I might be able to tell you more when Im back ( = march).

    let us know if you manage something before that!

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