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PdCore errors after importing

berengerberenger Posts: 56
edited February 2013 in Pd Everywhere


I re-installed my setup with the new version of pd for android, and after having cloned, init, and update, when I import PdCore in my workspace I get those errors :

PROPERTY_OUTPUT_FRAMES_PER_BUFFER cannot be resolved or is not a field /PdCore/src/org/puredata/android/io line 273 Java Problem

PROPERTY_OUTPUT_SAMPLE_RATE cannot be resolved or is not a field /PdCore/src/org/puredata/android/io line 272 Java Problem

I did update everything I could (eclipse, ADT, several SDK etc.) I rebuild the workspace several times, and PdCore alone too. Can anyone give me a pointer on how to resolve this ?


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