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libpd, processing, and banging my head against the wall...

geeetarguygeeetarguy Posts: 6
edited April 2013 in Pd Everywhere

I have been coding a sampling-synth in pd. I was planning on doing my GUI in Processing, with OSC, but am having an issue getting Puredatap5 to work.

I've cleared all trace of Processing and its folders from my Mac, and tried different versions of both Processing and the different versions of Puredatap5 floating around with no avail...

Does it currently work? Or should I be reassessing using Processing all together?

If there's any way you could point me in the right direction, I'd be ecstatic! I'm still learning to code, so I'm not really tied to any language in particular(though, I'm loving Pd...). Is there a better one for GUI that is okay with libpd and OSC? Python? Lua?

Thank you in advance!


  • berengerberenger Posts: 56

    well it depends on what plateform you target and how complicated you pd patch is.

    For instance on android it is possible to developp with only both tools as you want but you need to install eclipse to unite processing and pd. In eclipse It should be possible to work straight for desktop building a java application though I didn't try that already.

    If you pd patch is simple you can also go the javascript way with webpd :

    I was in the same spot as you last year, and chose to keep learning processing, which wasn't a bad choice, since I can developp gui for several plateforms with one language. But maybe there are other alternatives worth trying.

    The only thing that misses right now is the Processing library called PureData, that would greatly simplify prototyping with those tools, but you can do without. You just have to set up a dev environnement first, which can be a bit scarry at first.

  • geeetarguygeeetarguy Posts: 6

    Thank you for the response berenger! Highly appreciated!

    Unfortunately, the patches I'm working on are a bit complicated already. And, I have already spent a fair amount of time introducing myself to Processing. I downloaded Eclipse and have the set up on the Processing site on my to do list...

    It's good to hear that Processing and Pd have been a good investment of time for you. I'm fairly new to programming and don't know anyone who's even attempted any of this stuff. Thanks for the validation that I've chosen a good path.

    Also, this site is fantastic.

  • berengerberenger Posts: 56

    Well no pb, I just hope I haven't said something wrong. :)

    Actually I wonder how would it be possible to run libpd and processing within eclipse as a java application ?

    Could anyone share some pointer about that ?

  • abeshiusabeshius Posts: 9

    Hello guys! shameless plus alert. We just developed a simple sequencer app using Processing and libPd for android 4.0+. If you are interested please go ahead and give it a spin! i would love to address specific queries especially regarding issues we faced ourselves while developing this.

  • SpiroZSpiroZ Posts: 16

    Well, a little late answer...
    If the problem was how to install pureDataP5, it was a problem for me too. What i did was to follow the instructions from this site " " BUT change the address of the target so instead of writing "git clone git:// " as the instructions said, you should write "git clone git:// "git clone git:// " or "git clone git:// " or something like that, i don't really remember exactly what i had done but you get the point. Anyway, then continue with the instructions..
    If you have already abandoned trying and you use eclipse with processing and lidpd, please replay weather libpd runs inside processing that runs inside eclipse, or processing and libpd run simultaneously and separately inside eclipse...

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