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Cannot open sound file from the application (iOS) using [tabplay~]

NaskerNasker Posts: 4
edited April 2013 in Pd Everywhere

Hi there, I'm on my first steps building libpd-iOS apps. I have a simple patch that it's suposed to playback and audio sample. The patch works fine (opens and plays the sample if I run it from PD) but when I run the iOS app, I can't make the sample load. I can "solve" that, proving that the app it's working fine if I "hardcode" the sample making the array save it's data inside the patch. That way the app can make the sample sound. As you can understand, this is not it's suposed to be; I want to dinamically load different samples and not having to attach the samples to the patch. Any help around that issue?? I guess that it might be something related to path files and stuff but I have tried different things taht didn't work! Thanx so much!


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