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Spyractable: reactable - like modular synthsizer

SpiroZSpiroZ Posts: 16
edited April 2013 in Pd Everywhere

Hi guys!
I want to announce the creation of the software (till now), of a rectable-like tangible interface synthesizer i made, using processing and libpd (puredataP5 processing library), calling it Spyractable!
It is (of course) free to donload and change it. It is fully expandable, and i itend to give information how it works and how can anyone can expand it...
I aslo want to ask you, if anyones have a multitouch / fiducial reading table, to check it out or anyone who deals with processing and have installed (or is eager to install) the needed processing libraries, to test it using tuio simulator and replay me his impresions..
Till now i haven' t to manage to rec a video demostrating it but i 'll do it soon enough..
you can download it from this link:

More information, required links to libraries and programs and instructions could be found here:


  • AskeAske Posts: 3
    As I understand this is for use on laptops, primarily Mac right?
    Have you tried porting it to Android?
    I'm looking for a solution how to combine fiducial tracking with a libpd + Java (for interface) based app for Android.
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