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libpd, iOS, MIDI and a newbie

dnigrindnigrin Posts: 5
edited April 2013 in Pd Everywhere

Hello all - I'm a newcomer to Pd, libpd and iOS/Objective C, but am well versed in Max (see my many creations at and am pretty comfortable in Java.

I'm trying to test the waters of building an iOS app using libpd, that will read in MIDI data, do something with it, and then send it back out via MIDI as well. I have no interest in doing anything on the audio side of things (at the moment). I'm quite certain that I will pick up the Pd side of things on my own, but I need some help with the iOS/Objective C side of things, as well as the interactions with MIDI i/o on the device. I got Peter Brinkmann's excellent book, but right in the section that I want to explore ("MIDI Support in libpd") where it discusses connecting libpd to the MIDI API of the iOS platform, it basically says something to the effect of "this exercise is left to the user." Argh, this is exactly the place that I need some help to get me going.

So: could someone help me with a sample XCode project that basically illustrates how to receive incoming MIDI data from the device and route it to a Pd patch, and then take MIDI data from the Pd patch and send it to MIDI out of the device?

Thanks in advance,


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