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Libpd + processing => desktop java application

berengerberenger Posts: 56
edited April 2013 in Pd Everywhere

Hello Everyone,

I tried to build a java application using processing and libpd I have a little trouble setting up a sample project. Basically I added processing-core.jar and libpd.jar to a new java project. I used the class from libpd samples, and i have trouble linking to the patch. Here is how it goes :

package test;

// p5 stuff import processing.core.*; import*; import processing.event.*; import processing.opengl.*;

// java stuff import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.ArrayList; import; import; import; import; import; import;

//pd import org.puredata.core.*;

// main class : the PApplet extension seems to cause an issue with the hadling of exceptions

public class test extends PApplet {

 public static void main(String[] passedArgs) {
           String[] appletArgs = new String[] { "test" };
            if (passedArgs != null) {
              PApplet.main(concat(appletArgs, passedArgs));
            } else {

            JavaSoundThread audioThread = new JavaSoundThread(44100, 2, 16);
            int patch;
            patch = PdBase.openPatch("patch/test.pd"); // error
            Thread.sleep(5000);  // error
            audioThread.join(); // error

 // the rest is just processin stuff
public void setup() {
    size(600, 600);

public void draw() {
    fill(0, 25);
    rect(0, 0, width, height);

    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
        point(random(600), random(600));

    if (mousePressed) {
        PdBase.sendFloat("hello", random(48, 72));



Eclipse asks to add a throws declaration at the line loading the patch and also the Thread.sleep(5000); line aswell at the audioThread.join();

If I do so I get an error at the public static void main(String[] passedArgs) throws IOException stating that : Exception IOException is not compatible with throws clause in PApplet.main(String[])

Could somebody point me in the right direction to resolve this ?



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