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Crackling after 24 seconds of slower/faster playback with libpd on android

orpheus55orpheus55 Posts: 1
edited April 2013 in Pd Everywhere


I try to create a music playback app using libpd on android.
In the pd patch I'm using [soundfiler] to load the sound and a [line]/[tabread4~] combination to create a ramp with the duration of the song for playback. So far everything works both with Pd on my computer and with libpd on android.

Next I tried to add the possibility to change playback speed by changing the duration of the ramp, which works fine too (for now it's ok, that pitch changes), but there is one problem I can't figure out:
With Pd on my computer everything works fine when playing at different speeds, with libpd on android however, the sound starts crackling/distorting after 24 seconds of slower/faster playback. I tried different sound files, different speeds, different android devices, and it always happens from second 24 onwards, and it only happens if I'm playing at slower/faster speed, at original speed the sound is clean.

I tried to use different interpolation methods, changed from PdAudio to PdService, thought about the android memory limit, but nothing seems to explain (let alone get rid of) the 24-second problem...

Does anyone have an idea, what is going on here, or what I could do?


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