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Things That Will Shortly Make Planet MeeBlip a Happier Place

peterpeter Posts: 468 admin
edited April 2013 in MeeBlip

So, we're aware we've been a bit silent lately. James and I run MeeBlip together, and sometimes being two people is tough. So, we're working on making things more active this summer. What will be changing, each making a big difference in our lives and how we can help MeeBlip work for you:

  1. Fixing the forums. I've been working with a great developer here in Berlin, and we're finishing testing on a registration process to block spammers. That will be followed with other improvements. I actually really love Vanilla, but that means some improvements will make it possible to really use the stuff we like about it.

  2. New hardware, starting with a new MeeBlip micro with onboard USB programmability, shipping in late May. I'll have a post on this up Monday.

  3. More blog posts, forum interaction to come! With shipping and hardware in order, we have a lot to talk about.

There are also some further improvements to how we ship from Europe, in making it easier to do so and keeping inventory here so we don't run out of stock (as happened to us last month in the sold-out SE run.)

Got questions or suggestions? Fire away.

And yes, while I continue to manually delete spam, that means it'll be easier to talk very, very soon.

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