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Simple instrument patch for Android

I have developed an app for Android called imSynt (image Synesthesia). It takes any image on the phone (photos mainly, of course) and transforms it into "music". To accomplish this, I'm using libpd with a patch I adapted from another site. To control the notes it's playing I'm using the midi input functionality of pd;in other words: to play a note I'm using "notein", to change the instrument I'm using "pgmin".

The next step for my app is to enable the user to add their own patches to the mix. I have already done part of the necessary work but I need to find/create a good-sounding patch that I can adapt to my app. It would need to have 5 instruments or so and sound a bit different from the one I'm already using.

The questions would be:

  1. Where can I find a good tutorial on creating my own patch so it sounds like a distinct instrument?
  2. Failing that, where can I find a good patch that already contains 5 or more good instruments which can be used in my app?
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