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ofxPd code::blocks

stefstef Posts: 5
edited November -1 in Pd Everywhere
I'm new to openframeworks and ofxPd. I'm trying to run the code blocks example project for windows (I've Windows 7) that I found in the ofxPd addon. The compilation is successful but when the program runs what I get from the console is "RtApiDs::probeDeviceOpen: device <0> does not support input!". Using the function "ofSoundStreamListDevice()" I get that the device 0 has maximun input channels = 0 and that's the reason why. I can't change the ID of the device, in any case every device of the list has the maximun input or output channels equals to 0.
Is there a way to have both values channels different from zero?

Another question: I can't find the same project for Visual Studio. It's not present in the ofxPd addon. where can I find it?

I hope I was clear :)
Any help is welcome!
Thank you so much!


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