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ofxPd code::blocks

stefstef Posts: 5
edited 9:01PM in Pd Everywhere
I'm new to openframeworks and ofxPd. I'm trying to run the code blocks example project for windows (I've Windows 7) that I found in the ofxPd addon. The compilation is successful but when the program runs what I get from the console is "RtApiDs::probeDeviceOpen: device <0> does not support input!". Using the function "ofSoundStreamListDevice()" I get that the device 0 has maximun input channels = 0 and that's the reason why. I can't change the ID of the device, in any case every device of the list has the maximun input or output channels equals to 0.
Is there a way to have both values channels different from zero?

Another question: I can't find the same project for Visual Studio. It's not present in the ofxPd addon. where can I find it?

I hope I was clear :)
Any help is welcome!
Thank you so much!


  • danomatikadanomatika Posts: 97
    That's an OpenFrameworks problem, not an ofxPd problem. Do the AudioInput and AudioOutput examples work? It seems like the sound stream can't load your audio device. If you have more problems, please open an issue on the OF Github or make a post on the OF forum.

    There isn't a VS example project yet, although it should compile. You can copy the empty example and add the search paths and libx listed in the readme for Codeblocks on Win. Maybe it will work, I haven't had the time to test it.
  • stefstef Posts: 5
    Thank you for your reply.
    I tested the AudioInput and AudioOutput examples for both code blocks and visual studio. The visual studio examples work perfectly. Even the AudioOutput example for code blocks works, but the AudioInput example for code bloks return the same problem: RtApiDs::probeDeviceOpen: device < 0 > does not support input!” 
    Maybe a VS example of ofxPd also work......but I could not create one.....I failed because I got a lot of compilation error about files that the compiler can't find, even if they are present/linked.
    I really don't know how to fix this problem.
  • stefstef Posts: 5
    I solved!
    I defined an ofSounsStream instance for input and output channels in testApp.h. Set the device ID (setDeviceID function) for the input channel with the ID of my input device and then set the two instance using the function "setup" in testApp.cpp.

    Thank you.
  • ContraContra Posts: 2

    I have the same problem.
    Thanks stef !
    Sure thanks danomatika ~

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