About Us

Our duty is to make sure that we make you happy and provide the best and highest quality of music and music production tools for every producer and artist on the planet. We see infinite greatness in every single person who has the desire to express creativity. We are here to accelerate that process so you may reach your desired goals as fast as possible. we understand the industry, and understand you need fast easy and non complicated ways to get ideas and tools to quickly create on the go, at home or in a any studio. let’s create digital noise together and make history. let’s make addictive music.

We put the utmost passion into our craft. We’ve been producing hip hop instrumentals and rap beats for over 15 years and finally decided to sell beats online. We provide drum kits, sample packs, hip hop samples, you name it.  In the past, we only worked with private clients through word of mouth or specific client base. Now we want to make our passion available to everyone who has a yearning for high quality sound. Our mission is to deliver diversity to your catalogs, that allow you to promote your talents and skills with contagious instrumentals that express your finesse. The music industry is full of beats stores across the internet, but CDN is one of a kind, allowing visitors with ease of access and smooth playback. We also provide an easy purchase flow for users on the go. You can preview all songs before purchasing, stop the track when you need too and download within seconds after purchase.  We want you to enjoy your experience, be satisfied with your purchase and keep coming back. We build relationships with our clients, one track at a time.