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Simplify Your Corporate SEO with Enterprise SEO Services

A huge site has a number of issues, including competing in competitive search results, enhancing existing ranks, and developing tactics to help your business achieve its long-term objectives. At CDN, we provide enterprise SEO services that simplify SEO while still generating the sales and money your business need.

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Features Silver Gold Platinum
Target Pages Optimized (~3-10 keywords per page)Up to 150Up to 200Up to 400
Full Site Technical Audityesyesyes
Initial SEO Web Copy CreationUp to 30 pagesUp to 30 pagesUp to 30 pages
Keyphrase research & selectionyesyesyes
Implementation of approved technical updatesyesyesyes
Canonicalization + Site Unification AnalysisYesyesyes
Schema markup reviewYesyesyes
Monthly AI content analysis reportsyesyesyes
Quarterly CRO (conversion rate optimization) analysis40 hrs/quarter40 hrs/quarter40 hrs/quarter
Flexible Monthly SEO Consulting Hours111525
Website page speed analysisyesyesyes
Visitor intelligence and persona mapping analysisyesyesyes
Dedicated Sr. SEO Specialistyesyesyes
Two dedicated SEO implementation strategistsyesyesyes
Custom Content Link Development Strategy
Quarterly Content Marketing/CRO/Linkbuilding Assets213045
Proprietary AI-powered algorithm tracking toolyesyesyes
Access to 250+ CDN team members to support client strategyyesyesyes
Custom quarterly content/link strategyyesyesyes
Initial Campaign Cost (Months 1-2):$2000$3000$4500
Ongoing Campaign Cost (Months 3+):$7000$95,00$14000