How to Split Screen on iPad

How to Split Screen on iPad Are you aware the possibility of splitting the screen of your iPad to multitask? The split-screen feature is now available starting with iOS 9. This feature lets you can run two apps simultaneously on two distinct screens. This is referred to by the name of Split View. Additionally, there is another feature called Slide Over. This feature allows users to select an application that allows you to slide around the entire screen. However, it is different from the split view. With Split View, you can split two apps in equal orders. In Slide Over, you can see two apps at the same time One in a full-screen view, and the other in an elongated view. Therefore, you’ll be able to read this article to find out how to split your screens on iPad.

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How to Split Screen on iPad

1. Split Screen on iOS 9 to 14

  • Split View function
  • Slide Over function
  • How can you split three applications at the same time?
  • How do you make use of the app switcher to divide your screen

2. Split Screen on iOS 15

  • How to Split Screen on iOS 15
  • How to Use Slide Over on iOS 15

This is the two strategies that will be presented in this section.

If you’ve not updated your iPad to the most recent iOS15 then you can’t utilize those shortcut keys to divide your screen. However, you can split the screen of your iPad starting when you upgrade to iOS9.

Split Screen on iOS 9 to 14

In the case of iOS the app can only split your screen when the app is accessible in the Dock. Make sure the app is on the Dock for you to utilize the Split Screen feature or drag the app you wish to split screen to the Dock.

How to Use the Split View Function

Split screen on iPad

1. Open any application you wish to.

2. Then, gently swipe up from the lower part of your screen. It will show a dock at lower left corner on the screen.

3. Select an app on the Dock and drag it towards the right-hand edge on the display.

4. Now, you’ve successfully divided the iPad’s screen. You can split the screen with the same application that you opened. The application must be installed on the Dock.

5. Make use of the Divider located in the middle of your screen in order to expand or reduce in size the screen split.

6. If you move the divider to on the the right on the screen the size of that right part of your screen is going to expand.

7. If you move your divider to the left sideof the screen then the width on that the right-hand edge of your screen is going to expand.

How to use the Slide Over function

Slide over on iPad

The slide-over function is an example of multitasking. Instead of splitting screens you can choose an application that can float over an iPad’s screen. iPad as well as put the app anywhere within your display. To select an application to slide across your screen, follow the steps below.

1. You can open any app on your iPad. However, to utilize the slide-over feature it must be installed on the Dock.

2. Next, you can swipe upwards from the lower part of your screen.

3. Choose an application, then drag it towards the center in the middle.

4. In the event that you shift the program to either the left or right sides on the display, it will enter split-screen mode.

4. Now, you are able to install the slide-over app wherever you’d like.

5. To stop the slide from the application, swipe upwards until you reach at the very top.

How to split Three Apps simultaneously

1. Then, divide two apps , then move your finger up from the lower part of your screen.

2. Select the app you want to use and drag it into the center in the middle.

3. You can now divide three applications at once.

How do you use an App Switcher in order to Divide your Screen

Through App Switcher App Switcher, you will be able to view all background applications that you’ve open. There, you can select an application that will split the screen.

1. Make sure you place your finger on the lower part of the screen and swipe upwards until you are in the middle of your screen.

2. You now have the preview of all applications running on the right side of your screen.

3. Choose an application, then drag it to either the left or right side of the preview.

4. Now, you’ll be able to view an overview of the split-screen. Click on the preview to display it in full screen mode.

Split Screen on iOS 15

If you’ve not upgraded your device to its most recent version. Follow these steps:

1. Start by opening the Settings in your tablet.

2. Go to General and then select Software Update..

3. Then, click on Download and then install.

4. Updates will be automatically installed once the download has been completed.

You can now use the latest features to split the iPad’s screen.

Click on the three dots icon at the center on your display. Three icons will appear on your screen. These include:

  • Full-Screen button
  • Split View button
  • Slide Over button

How to Split Screen on iOS 15

1. Launch any app you want to use on your iPad.

2. Press the Multitasking button, then tap the Split View button.

3. The app that you’ve open will be gone.

4. You are now able to choose any app on your iPad regardless of the apps in the Dock.

Split iPad screen on iOS15.

How to Use Slide Over on iOS 15

1. Start an application, then press on the multitasking button.

2. Click to activate the Slide Over button.

3. The program you’re using will disappear.

3. Now, you are able to choose any application that is available on your iPad, and then open them.

4. Now, the application you have selected will be in full-screen mode. The first one will be in Slide Over mode. Slide Over option.

Slide over

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These are ways you can split your iPad screen. Split-screen is a useful feature for multitasking. You can be taught how to make use of this option by following the steps described in this article.

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