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Managed wordpress hosting convesio: Convesio isn’t just another hosting company. Our infrastructure was created from scratch for hosting high-performance flexible, high-capacity WordPress sites.Simple inexpensive, cost-effective, and robust, Convesio makes complex server configurations easy. It is possible to set up an WordPress site using load balancers, a cluster of databases and a redundant file system in just a few minutes! Don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing servers security and performance monitoring.Speak an one of Convesio’s experts in infrastructure to find out what Convesio will benefit your company. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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Proof That Convesio Can Improve Your Website Load Time

WebsiteBefore Load TimeAfter Load TimeImprovementPrior Host
Samovar Tea7.0s4.4s159%
Nash Insurance5.1s2.4s213%
Ellipsis Marketing8.6s2.2s391%
Press Host5.5s2.8s196%
Just Searched9.2s2.6s354%
Owl Power2.4s1.5s160%
Fake Pig Skin9.7s4.8s202%
Falken Security3.8s1.8s211%
Boston Orthotics3.9s2.2s177%

A Next Generation WordPress Platform

Introducing WordPress hosting that is scalable WordPress hosting Using the most recent Docker Container technology Convesio distributes your site’s traffic across several instances on your WordPress site , which allows for both real horizontal scale and high-availability.

High Performance Businesses Choose Convesio As Their Competitive Advantage

Deploy a High Availability WordPress Cluster Hosting at the Push of a Button

Convesio simplifies installing cloud infrastructures, such as AWS as well as offering developers and agencies features specifically designed for managing WordPress websites.

High Availability

Load balanced containers disperse traffic to multiple WordPress instances. WordPress.

Fast Caching

WordPress front-end is provided through a custom caching layer that is part of the load balancer.

Clustered Database

Each WordPress website runs on multiple MySQL servers to provide high uptime, availability and capacity.

Application Monitoring

Our system continuously monitors your website’s performance on level of the WordPress Application level.


If your website goes down due to reasons beyond its control, the platform will be able to instantly deploy your container.


If your website is hit by traffic, our system will instantly set up multiple containers to take care of the traffic.

Version Backups

Make Git-Style versioned backups for your website, which are simple and quick to restore.

Security Monitoring

WordPress particular scans, security monitors and security.

Our easy-to-use platform makes managing your WordPress sites a breeze.

Worry-Free Hosting

Every single site that is on Convesio is monitored on a regular basis every one minute. If something goes wrong our experts immediately intervene and be ready to address any problem.

Growth Protection

Convesio websites can handle spikes in traffic with our exclusive design that allows your website to scale automatically and operate in multiple containers across multiple servers.

Speed Optimized

Built on the most advanced global internet from Google & Amazon, Convesio includes parallel processing of database queries with built-in edge caching HTTP/2, and many more.

24/7 Expert Support

Through the app or Slack or Slack, our experts are only two clicks away. With average response times of less than five minutes, our team serves as an extension of your company.

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